Companionway Ladders & Vertical Hooped Ladders

Companionway ladders (sometimes referred to as a Ships ladder) are suitable for limited space applications up to a height not exceeding 3m. Twin low level handrails extend above the top step to provide a safe handhold whilst accessing the upper level.

Vertical hooped ladders are ideal in limited space applications or where occasional access is required to or from a flat roof area. Designed to meet the requirements of BS4211:2005 mcd ladders are significantly lighter than galvanised steel equivalents making installation easier and safer. Heights in excess of 6m will require an intermediate rest platform, where this isn’t practical, continuous lengths of ladder in excess of 6m should be fitted with a fall arrest system. We offer the option of integrated platforms and / or steps making the transition to roof level safe and easy when negotiating gutters and parapet walled roofs. The safety cage at the top of the ladder has provision  for secure attachment to new or existing edge protection ensuring continuity of the safety system.

Depending on size and application mcd ladders are supplied fully assembled or in pre-fabricated sections designed for rapid assembly on site. Supplied in mill finish aluminium or powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.

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